Fall Retreat at Jackson’s Point Conference Centre

The fall retreat kicks off our season for all UCC choristers and registrants to our Living Arts program. We have found that the retreat is integral to the friend-making process, and is a significant motivator for integration and overall program enjoyment. As such, it is a mandatory event for all members of the UCC ensemble. Chamber Chorus members attend overnight from Saturday, September 16 to Sunday, September 17. All other members attend only on Sunday, culminating in our Parent Orientation at pick up on Sunday.

All choristers must register for this event using the form below. Deadline for registration is Friday, September 1 as our final numbers and payment must be submitted to the Conference Centre by this date. There is a $48 (+HST) fee for this day retreat, which covers all food, activities, and use of the multi-space facility for the day.

Chamber Chorus members, your retreat begins on Saturday, September 16. There is a $148 (+HST) fee for this overnight retreat, which covers all food, lodging, activities, and use of the multi-space facility for the weekend.



New Choristers: If you are new to the UCC program you will quickly discover that the annual fall retreat is nothing to be nervous about. There are many new people, just like you, and we design the retreat with community integration in mind. By the end of the day you will be laughing with new friends and enjoying the company of excellent people.


Chamber Chorus members will be staying overnight at Jackson’s Point. It is mandatory for all Chamber Chorus members to be present. If you are unable to attend the overnight portion for any reason, please inform us immediately and plan on attending both days (driving up each day) so you do not fall behind.

Items to Bring: Clothing suitable for cool/warm weather depending on the forecast, toiletries (toothbrush, etc.). You may wish to bring comfortable clothes for lounging/activities. Bedding and towels will be provided.

Meals: All snacks and meals are included in the retreat fee, and are nut free. If there are meals that you cannot eat during the week (gluten free, dairy free etc), please come prepared with your own packed meals or snacks. Please note, no refunds will be granted by the Conference Centre in lieu of meals or snacks opted from.

We are eagerly anticipating an amazing retreat filled with music, integrated arts, ensemble activities and great friends.


The Jackson’s Point Conference Centre is located just 45 minutes north of Toronto. All choristers are responsible for their own transportation to the facility. A map to the Jackson’s Point facility is posted below. We will be staying at the Conference Centre located on the East side of the property.

September 16-17 Schedule

Saturday, September 16 – CHAMBER CHORUS ONLY

10:00 AM –  Arrival
10:30AM-12:00PM – Rehearsal
12:00PM-1:00PM – Lunch
1:00PM-3:00PM –  Rehearsal
3:00PM-4:00PM –  Group Activity
4:00PM-5:00PM – Free Time
5:00PM-6:00PM – Dinner
6:00PM-8:00PM – Rehearsal
8:00PM-9:00PM – Group Activity
9:00PM-10:00PM – Campfire
10:00PM – Back to rooms and lights out

**Chamber Chorus Members stay overnight


Sunday, September 17

8:30AM-9:30AM – Breakfast for Chamber Chorus

10:00AM-11:00AM – Activity #1
11:00AM-12:00PM – Activity #2
12:00PM-1:00PM – Lunch
1:00PM-2:00PM – Activity #3 / PARENT ORIENTATION
2:00PM – Departure for All Choristers

The registration form is now closed.  If you would still like to attend the Sunday, September 17 day retreat, please email admin@uppercanadachorus.com