Living Arts

In our next concert series, Silver Screen, we will explore Oscar-winning masterpieces from cinematic classics such as The Way We Were, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, all the way to current blockbusters, Moana and La La Land.

We are launching our Living Arts program to reach beyond the choral experience to develop the complete artist within each chorister. We believe that all forms of artistic expression support each other and enrich the music experience and overall development of each child. Our desire is to tap into the natural enthusiasm for discovery in every child and transform it into a lifelong passion to pursue deeper learning and growth.

As we actively create, communicate through, and respond to different art forms, we engage hands-on and create our own learning – deepening our understanding about the music we are learning. This emphasis on creativity is critical to a student’s understanding and development in all facets of life. Integrating different art forms into learning improves comprehension and long term retention, promotes healthy risk taking, recognizing new skills, creativity, collaboration, mutual respect, expression, and confidence.

Please come ready to have fun and try something new! Our instructors have a passion for their art and love sharing it with others.

Our Living Arts sessions start on time, and everyone goes through the project together with the instructor leading step by step. Feel free to arrive a few minutes early to make sure you don’t miss a moment! We encourage our students to take their experience home, show it off, and then get excited for what next week will bring!

What do you bring? Yourself! Curiosity, courage, and an open mind. Unless otherwise noted, we provide all supplies.

We hope that our students love the arts and express it well.  May they embrace the pursuit of art as it taps into the fullness of their human potential.

Living Arts Schedule

April 3, 4, 6

April 10, 13

April 18, 20

April 24, 25, 27

May 1, 2, 4

May 8, 9, 11

May 15, 16, 18

May 23, 25